Mark Gilham for State Assembly District 22

Occupation:  Small Business Owner/Church Technical Consultant

As a longtime resident of San Mateo County, I love and cherish this beautiful and vibrant part of Northern California.

With a degree in International Business, coupled with service in the military and missionary work, I fully appreciate the necessity of principled and decisive leadership, the power of free people and free markets, and the personal promise afforded by individual self-determination.

As a Marine, I have witnessed parts of the world that do not enjoy our freedoms and opportunities, and understand some of what is required to defend our liberty.

Our society’s core principles – the power of free people and free markets, and the God-given birthright of self-determination – are perilously close to being suffocated in a morass of political correctness and social expediency.

Unfortunately, our state government has prioritized their own salary and pension increases. If you vote for my opponent, you will further policies that continue to drive our state deeper into crisis.

As a small business owner, I believe it is the job of government to encourage entrepreneurship, incentivize business, and promote education and invention.