I would like to personally thank Brie Hanni for all she has done for me.

Brie Hanni: Director of Communication, editor of correspondence, website and press releases.

Kevin McGary

I would like to acknowledge a remarkable man- Kevin McGary. He is the author of the book: Just Justice: Social Justice, Racial Justice, Human Rights…Done! And the founder of: Frederick Douglass Foundation of California.

I had the opportunity to hear him speak about the position of our nation and what the position of the nation was on the eve on the Civil War. In his book you will learn more about “we as a people” then what you have learned through our education system.

While Kevin was speaking he said something very interesting. I will paraphrase what he said because it wasn’t recorded nor did I take notes: “We as a nation really are at a cross road. In this election cycle we are going to vote for a President from one of two parties that either believes in communism and /or socialist or free market system. One will take the country back to its founding; the other will eliminate who we are as a people. We need to stop considering whether or not the candidate I wanted got selected and start considering our children and what we are going to be leaving them. The reality is we need to stop the left at all cost which means, regardless of the person, we as a party must unite and step up and pull the lever. It’s not about us anymore; it’s about whether we will continue as a nation…..”

Kevin McGary is an author and public speaker. You can contact him at his E-mail: [email protected]