I stand for a part-time legislative government. Here is what I mean by this. These branches in Sacramento pass more bills that are signed into law than any other state in the union that makes up the Republic of the United States of America.

What I am purposing: that we only allow these branches to meet, say on a Tuesday and the session starts at 12:00PM. Then the session ends on Wednesday at 12:00PM, and all members of both the State Assembly and State Senate must be back in their respective districts by 5:00PM Wednesday night.

Other states have part-time legislative government, Texas being one of them and the state functions just fine. By removing these members and placing them in their districts, it would be more difficult for members to get together and work on bills that favor large corporate and special interest donors. And in essence we can keep an eye on those we elect to represent our interests and not those who helped get them elected.

I stand for eliminating all pensions for all government employees at every level of our state, with exception to all law enforcement, fire and National Guard, and this being limited to approximately 20% of their base pay.

Everyone starts an IRA or a 401K just like us, the citizens, tax payers and voters.

I fully support private corporate / business unions. My uncle who worked for Lockheed and belonged to such a union- this is were I learned from them how important they can be to help the workers. At one time I belonged to the Teamsters Union.

My reason for this is to stop these pensions from continuing to grow. The last numbers I heard were around 250 + billion- on its way up to 600 + billion. The below 2 links will give you the currently information about how bad it is.

Here is a link that will interest you- red means we own money and it is a lot, just add all the columns: California’s Balance Sheet

Public Employee Unions Leading the Opposition to SB 1251

I fully support the passage of SB 1251 and why you should too. This bill will keep us up today date and current on the outstanding debt that our cities, counties and state owns. No wonder public employee unions oppose this and the worst part is this debt continues to grow. Something to think about.

Currently in committee SB 1251
Publication of state financial obligations: Internet Web site and ballot pamphlet.

We the citizens, tax payers and voters can not continue to pay for this because it never goes down, only up and we are paying so much money to these pension funds that it has created in this state a serious liability to our cities, counties and the state.

And the worst part, those who are causing it, won’t even acknowledge there is a problem. Until it is too late, as it has already happened to a few of our cities who have sought chapter 11 protection.

The number one issue that caused our cities to enter chapter 11: state pension funds.            

San Luis Obispo County is joining many other counties to ask the voters in the November 2016 General election to increase taxes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Article By Stephen Frank on Apr 11, 2016 09:10 pm
The County of Los Angeles wants a $120 billion tax increase “for roads” on the November ballot.  The Democrats want an extension of the current “temporary sales and income tax expansion, for twelve years at a cost of up to $108 billion.  San Diego is looking at over $100 billion in new long term taxes.

When I see these kinds of taxes being requested by our leadership within these counties it reinforces my belief that we are in trouble. Counties that seek these kinds of tax increase are in trouble and have not addressed the issues but have “kicked the can down the road” for a future generation to deal with.

CNBC Business and Fox business News have repeatedly talked about how many counties are in distress across America, meaning financially trouble. They have estimated that over 50% of these countries are in distress. About 15% to 25% are heading into some form of distress, and about 25% are healthy. Read for yourself. Link Report by Economic Innovation Group.

What this says to me: LA, San Diego and San Luis Obispo are counties that are looking like they are heading into distress. Now the question becomes: what if the voters say no? What choices will these counties have before them? And worst, how did these people allow us to get to this position without addressing these issues sooner?

If the voters within these counties say no to the higher taxes, these 3 counties will most likely being seeking some form of bankruptcy protection or chapter 11 protection. Let’s see what happens….

AB-2253 -as amended, Grove. Specialized license plates: In God We Trust.

I know a lot of people would love to have one of these plates. I fully support this bill and I am certain many of you will also.

The photo below will give you an idea of what they will look like.


Taxes and Regulations

Estimated Tax

  • The estimated tax is payable in four installments as follows:
    • 30 percent for the first required installment due April 15.
    • 40 percent for the second required installment due June 15.
    • No estimated tax payment is required for the third installment due September 15.
    • 30 percent for the fourth required installment due December 15.

California ranks near the top among states with a corporate rate tax being high. If we are going to be competitive as a state we need to address this issue especially with other states lowering theirs.

What I would purpose is lowering the corporate rate tax to 0.0% for the first 3 years. So from year 1 to the end of year 3 the corporate rate tax would be zero.

Then from year 4 to the end of year 7 the rate would be 1%. From year 8 to the end of year 11 would be 2%. Then starting in year 12 the corporate rate tax would capped at a rate of 3.5%. When a business can understand its tax rate and know where it will be, they can then better position themselves to determine how they can grow their business.


Along the lines of corporate rate tax, we also need to eliminate payroll taxes.

Many states don’t have payroll taxes. If we are going to be competitive with other states then California needs to be more aggressive on it taxes.

Another tax I would more to eliminate: Taxes on tips.

Many states do not tax on people who earn an income through tips.

There are many issues that effect us here in the State of California. One of the biggest is excessive business regulations that the state government uses to generate income (taxes).

California passes more regulations on our business and community then any other state in the union. These regulations often include some form of regulation tax. This is how the state can raise taxes without many of us knowing they are doing this. Whether from your phone bill, gas and electric bills, water bill and other municipalities services, price at the gas pump, guns, insurance both home and car, cars, boats, and other toys we wants, the list goes on, and on. So when the state needs more money, instead of going through the bill process, they just raise the regulation fees.

This is one of the main reasons why I am running for this seat. To stop these and other back door taxes.

The best way to stop tax increases is to stop spending money we don’t have and cut the state government by 25% across every department- with exception to police, fire and state national guard. This one more would reduce the state budget and lower taxes imposed on us. Wasteful spending by this government is a major problem which for some reason they appear not to understand.

One good example of this is the 2 mile section of the Bay Bridge. The original cost was 1.2 billion dollars. The final cost was 6.2 billion dollars and the bridge has more trouble and problems then the original bridge.

Gov. Brown wants to build a high speed train. They tell us the cost for this train project is around 68 billion. Personally, we can triple that. Just look at the Bay Bridge- 3 times the original cost. But this one- I believe it will be somewhere between $200 to $300 billion and this doesn’t include the taxes that will be imposed on the local counties this train is going to roll through. Plus the higher taxes we taxpayer will pay to help reduce the price of the cost per ticket so ride’s can afford to ride this train.

I fully oppose this project.

Proposition 50  Legislative Constitutional Amendment. You can read more about the measure by clicking on the blue proposition 50 title. It will take you to a PDF file explaining the ballot measure.

I fully support this Constitutional Amendment- SCA-17

What it does is any member of the legislature who is suspended from their duties will forfeited all pay and any other benefits granted to them as a member of the State Legislature. This is a statewide ballot measure and we will vote for this on June 7, 2016 during the primary election.


1660 (14-0011) – Referendum to overturn ban on single-use plastic bags. Click on the blue 1660 to read full text- warning long. This will appear on the statewide ballot on Nov. 8, 2016.

I fully support this amendment. Below is the short version of what the full text says without all the legal jargon.

Doyle L. Johnson c/o Kurt Oneto

If signed by the required number of registered voters (people within countries who signed petition) and timely filed with the Secretary of State, this petition will place on the statewide ballot a challenge to a state law previously approved by the Legislature and the Governor. The challenged law must then be approved by a majority of voters at the next statewide election to go into effect. The law prohibits grocery and certain other retail stores from providing single-use bags but permits sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags.


SB 1142 ADA Lawsuit Protection for Small Business Owners

I Fully support this bill and when you learn more about it, you will too.

As a small business owner I am shocked to hear how many small business owners are being sued for violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. But what’s worst about this is many business owners aren’t even aware they have been sued.

The Mercury News has brought this issue to light in an article which we should all look at and educate ourselves about how people are getting rich at the expends of small business owners. Article.

Here is a small portion of the article and what SB 1142 by Senator Moorlach seeks to do.

Article:  SAN RAMON — In November, Sameer Misson found out his family’s Valero gas station had been sued for violating disability access laws. Surprised, the 29-year-old East Bay resident quickly made the relatively minor fixes to the handicap parking striping and signage, plus changes to the door pressure, counter height and bathroom sink to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It cost him about $300, and he paid an access specialist to certify that his San Ramon Valley Boulevard service station was up to code.

Misson thought the problem was resolved, so he was shocked when he received a demand for a $25,000 settlement, which would only get higher if he didn’t pay it immediately. That’s when Misson first learned about Scott Johnson, owner of Disabled Access Prevents Injury Inc. Johnson has filed thousands of ADA lawsuits across Northern California for what experts say is millions of dollars in settlements and attorney fees.

Senator Moorlach SB 1142 bill paragraph  4: This bill would prohibit a construction-related accessibility claim from being initiated in a legal proceeding against a defendant unless the defendant has been served with a demand letter specifying each alleged violation of a construction-related accessibility standard and the alleged violations have not been corrected within 120 days of service. The bill would provide that a defendant is not liable for statutory damages, costs, or plaintiff’s attorney’s fees for an alleged violation that is corrected within 120 days of service of a demand letter alleging the violation.

Again, I fully support SB 1142 and ask that you consider supporting Senator Moorlach by contacting your state representatives and express your concerns to them.