I fully support our state, county and local police in their service to protect and serve our communities.

The service our law enforcement people bring to our communities is a difficult and thankless job. As we have the opportunity we should thank them for choosing this profession.

I am amazed to the lack of understanding by people who somehow think that those in law enforcement are nothing more than getting in the way of them being able to express themselves in ruthless form without regard for the consequences that comes from such action. They seem to think that law enforcement people are a burden to them and should be removed.

As I have watched the recklessness and violent destruction of personal and private property caused by these knuckleheads as this plays out on our daily news cycles, I can’t help but wonder how far we have fallen for a law abiding people to absolute lawlessness. And the ones who are responsible for restoring law and order are the ones who get accused for using ruthless tactics and force.

I fully support whatever force law enforcement deem necessary to restore order and should not be held liable for any injury caused to an individual in the course of their duties. This is the position I take.

People who act with reckless regard towards individuals or property have not been educated correctly. They have not been taught to respect authority and to up hold the law. It appears to me that public education should include some course material that covers directly the possible consequences of one’s right to self-govern and the results that come from the choices and decisions they make. Our education system appears to teach everything but this. We will change it.

Education: I fully support private schools, charter schools and home schooling.

No matter how much we spend on educating our children the cost just keep rising. Budget for California education 2015-2016

California spends over 70 billion a year on educating our children which makes up 40% of our state budget and we rank 37th in quality but 49th in safety. Click on School Rankings for details.

Consider this: if you had one child of many and you had the opportunity to send them to either a k-12 public school or a private school and the cost were the same which would you decided?

I have asked this question to many parents within San Mateo County and nearly 99.9% said private schools. The perception that private education is better than public education is not only the perception but a reality.

California public education is a failure and we need better options. Private schools, charter schools and home education is the best choice for us.

I fully support these options over public education.

Kevin McGary, author of the book: Just Justice: Social Justice, Racial Justice, Human Rights…Done! said at a speaking engagement which I was attending: “If you give the proper education to people and our children, they will be able to and can get themselves out of poverty. If you don’t, you leave them in a semi-form of bondage…” I concur with this statement. So let’s give the best choices to us and get the best education for all our children in every area of San Mateo County as well.

Here is a local issue we can all support and should have been dealt with years ago but the political will feels it is not worth looking at. I linked the article so you can read it for yourself and learn about this issue.  Pescadero Marsh

Thousands of steelhead die in marsh

The president of a South Coast conservation group says weekend rains brought tainted water into the Pescadero Marsh, killing thousands of steelhead trout and other species. Steve Simms says it is a predictable rite of winter and he’s extremely frustrated with the bureaucracy that allows it to happen year after year.

Currently in committee and something we should all support:

AB 1891 authored by Assembly member Matt Dababneh (D-Encino) has unanimously passed the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. Sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, this bill simplifies the opt-out process for seniors when it comes to paying certain parcel taxes.

What this bill would allow is for seniors who live on a fixed income to opt out of parcel tax that voters place upon themselves. I fully support this bill.

Parcel Tax is nothing more than a back door to raise money off properties without increasing property taxes. I fully oppose parcel taxes.

I stand for a part-time legislative government. What do I mean by this. These branches in Sacramento pass more bills that are signed into law than any other state in the union that makes up the Republic of the United States of America.

What I am purposing: that we only allow these branches to meet, say on a Tuesday and the secession starts at 12:00PM. Then the secession ends on Wednesday at 12:00PM, and all members of both the State Assembly and State Senate must be back in their respective districts by 5:00PM Wednesday night.

Other states have part-time legislative government, Texas being one of them and the state functions just fine. By removing these members and placing them in their districts, it would be more difficult for members to get together and work on bills that favor large corporate and special interest donors. And in essence we can key an eye on those we elect to represent our interests and not those who helped get them elected.

I stand for eliminating all pensions for all government employees at every level of our state, with exception to all law enforcement, fire and National Guard, and this being limited to approximately 20% of their base pay.

Everyone starts an IRA or a 401K just like us, the citizens, tax payers and voters.

I fully support private corporate / business unions. My uncle who worked for Lockheed and belonged to such a union- this is were I learned from them how important they can be to help the workers. At one time I belonged to the Teamsters Union.

My reason for this is to stop these pensions from continuing to grow. The last numbers I heard were around 250 + billion- on its way up to 600 + billion. The below 2 links will give you the currently information about how bad it is.

Here is a link that will interest you- red means we own this money and it is a lot, just add all the columns: California’s Balance Sheet

Public Employee Unions Leading the Opposition to SB 1251

I fully support the passage of SB 1251 and why you should too. This bill will keep us up today date and current on the outstanding debt that the state owns and the outstanding debt our cities, counties and state owns. No wonder public employee unions oppose this and the worst part is this debt continues to grow. Something to think about.

Currently in committee SB 1251
Publication of state financial obligations: Internet Web site and ballot pamphlet.

We the citizens, tax payers and voters can not continue to pay for this because it never goes down, only up and we are paying so much money to these pension funds that it has created in this state a serious liability to our cities, counties and the state.

And the worst part, those who are causing it, won’t even acknowledge there is a problem. Until it is too late, as it has already happened to a few of our cities who have sought chapter 11 protection.

The number one issue that caused our cities to enter chapter 11: state pension funds. 

San Luis Obispo County is joining many other counties to ask the voters in the November 2016 General election to increase taxes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Article By Stephen Frank on Apr 11, 2016 09:10 pm
The County of Los Angeles wants a $120 billion tax increase “for roads” on the November ballot.  The Democrats want an extension of the current “temporary sales and income tax expansion, for twelve years at a cost of up to $108 billion.  San Diego is looking at over $100 billion in new long term taxes.

When I see these kinds of taxes being requested by our leadership within these counties it reinforces my belief that we are in trouble. Counties that seek these kinds of tax increase have not addressed the issues but have “kicked the can down the road” for a future generation to deal with.

CNBC Business and Fox business News have repeatedly talked about how many counties are in distress across America, meaning financially trouble. They have estimated that over 50% of these countries are in distress. About 15% to 25% are heading into some form of distress, and about 25% are healthy. Read for yourself. Link Report by Economic Innovation Group.

What this says to me: LA, San Diego and San Luis Obispo are counties that are looking like they are heading into distress. Now the question becomes: what if the voters say no? What choices will these counties have before them? And worst, how did these people allow us to get to this position without addressing these issues sooner?

If the voters within these counties say no to the higher taxes, these 3 counties will most likely being seeking some form of bankruptcy protection or chapter 11 protection. Let’s see what happens….