On this page you will find information on the bills and legislature before the assembly, and how I feel about the issues. Click on the blue taps and it will take you to the bill listed on the California Legislative Information Website.

Here is what happened, quietly, on January 1, 2016:

Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%
Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%
Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%
Estate tax went from 0% to 55%
A 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added.

Remember these facts:
These taxes were all passed solely with Democrat votes.
Not a single Republican voted for these new taxes.

Before the assembly is AB-2459 Firearms dealers: conduct of business – placing more restricting gun dealers.

My position: This is nothing more then a law to close down gun shows: As stated in paragraph 4 of this bill: Existing law, subject to exceptions pertaining to specified gun shows or events, requires a firearms dealer to conduct business only in the buildings designated in the dealer’s license.

I stand against this law and would opposite it if it came up for a vote on the assembly floor.

AB-1663 as introduced, Chiu. Firearms: assault weapon:

This bill would, instead, classify a semiautomatic centerfire rifle that does not have a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept no more than 10 rounds as an assault weapon. The bill would require a person who, between January 1, 2001, and December 31, 2016, inclusive, lawfully possessed an assault weapon that does not have a fixed magazine, including those weapons with an ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with the use of a tool, and who, on or after January 1, 2017, possesses that firearm, to register the firearm by July 1, 2018. By expanding the definition of a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

This is our state government redefining their idea of what the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution means to them and we are to accept their interpretation as to what it means.

I fully oppose this bill and work to stop it. Here is a link some of you might like. America in distress


SCA 5, as amended, Hernandez. Public postsecondary education: student recruitment and selection
The California Constitution prohibits the state from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
This measure would provide that the above prohibition does not prevent state institutions of higher education, as defined, from implementing student recruitment and selection programs permissible under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution eliminate this prohibition on state discrimination or preference in the operation of public education.
The reason I placed this on this page is due to the fact that this bill can be brought to the floor for a vote.
I fully opposite this bill as should we all.

AB 1266 Ammiano. Pupil rights: sex-segregated school programs and activities

Existing law prohibits public schools from discriminating on the basis of specified characteristics, including gender, gender identity, and gender expression, and specifies various statements of legislative intent and the policies of the state in that regard. Existing law requires that participation in a particular physical education activity or sport, if required of pupils of one sex, be available to pupils of each sex.
This bill would require that a pupil be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.
I fully oppose this law and would work to over turn it. This bill brings confusion to the identity of what we call girls and boys and seeks to promote and educate an unhealthy alternative lifestyle, depriving the parents the right to oversee the education material promoted from our educators.