California has not built a dam in this state since the early 1970’s. Since that time, California has double in population. It appears to me that the leadership in Sacramento either doesn’t understand this issue or won’t address this issue. Either way  it appears that they are about to create an even bigger water crisis for this state. I would like to thank George Yank, who I have endorsed for U.S. Senate and Debbie Bacigalupi. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to locate this information to make it known to you.

This article will interest you. Article

“This is a very grave matter that will curtail U.S. agriculture in the Klamath Basin and elsewhere throughout the West far into the future. When fully implemented in 2020, the amended KHSA will secure the removal of four perfectly operational dams — the John Boyle Dam in Oregon, and Copco 1, Copco 2 and Iron Gate Dams in California.

What is most disturbing and egregious, is the intentional failure of these federal, state and tribal government officials to follow constitutional and administrative processes and procedures calling for public transparency, accountability and due process guaranteeing members of the public an opportunity to be heard.

The convening of secret meetings open to only a select few individuals who consent to executing nondisclosure agreements that keep the subject matter of their negotiations hidden from public and congressional view is an affront to our representative democracy.” Taken from article.